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13 Windy Acres Park
Charlestown, NH 03603

Please keep an eye on your neighbors to make sure that everything is OK!
Pay special attention to the elderly and their needs.
Join the Helping Hands Team.

Lot Available


Windy Acres Co-op is thinking about hosting Board Members from other area Co-ops for a dinner and discussion of mutual Co-operative buying power.  If you're interested, please let us know.


A cooperative is a resident owned and managed community formed by people who have joined together for the purpose of purchasing the land their homes are on.  As a result, they free themselves from profiteering self-serving landlords.

A cooperative uses the talents and money of its members to insure control and upkeep of the land that the members have their homes on. We each pay a monthly share of the costs of owning Windy Acres Co-op in the form of a lot fee that is referred to as "rent" but is actually each household's share of owning and operating our Co-op.  It is the goal of the members to pool their time, skills, and money to insure long term costs associated with their overall housing expenses will be kept as low as possible.

The success of a cooperative is based on the commitment of its members to be willing to work for and manage their own future and not just pay "lot rent".


Our Community

Town of Charlestown
State Of New Hampshire
Resident Owned Communities, NH
NH Board of Manufactured Housing
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

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